Specializing in automotive aftermarket products and programs since 1984.

Nassau Technologies Inc./The AGS Group of Companies has provided the automotive industry with a variety of specialized products and programs for nearly two decades. Our company has earned the reputation as an innovator that always emphasizes practicality, reliability and value.

If you are involved in one of the following businesses, our innovative products and programs are a sure bet to increase your profit picture.

  • New/Used Automobile Dealership
  • Port/Fleet Processor
  • Distributor/Expediter/Agent
  • Rent Car Company
  • Restyler
  • F&I Service Company
  • OEM

Products from Nassau Technologies, Inc. are designed to be sold through vehicle processors, distributors, expediters, restylers and/or agents to new and used vehicle dealerships.

Nassau Technologies' high quality aftermarket products include:

PermaVin - Vehicle Window Etching, (VIN or Code#) - A proven theft deterrent! Chemical etching or our state-of-the-art LaserGuard process can be teamed with a variety of product performance guarantees.

Road Hazard Program - Provides guaranteed replacement for tires and wheels that are damaged beyond repair.

VIP Protection Program - Protection for a vehicle's interior and exterior so effective that it comes with a guarantee. The VIP program also features a unique customer car care kit, personalized with the dealership logo.

Guarantee Administration - Proprietary registration and claim administration software, insurance company relationships and proven experience set Nassau Technologies apart as the one to turn to for any of your product guarantee insurance or administration needs.

Private Label Programs - All Nassau products, insured guarantees, warranty and claims administration services can be marketed under your own label.

We are constantly in search of new and innovative products to represent and distribute to our broad customer base. Please contact
Nassau Technologies if you have a product that we should consider adding to our diverse product lineup.

Ask for Nassau Technologies products by name.
Our products are sold internationally. Dealer, distributor, agent, fleet and OEM inquiries are always welcome. We have the flexibility and expertise to arrange lucrative and convenient business relationships. If you would like to learn more about our products and services, please browse this site or contact Nassau Technologies at (800) 627-7286.

Nassau Technologies, Inc. is a member of the AGS Group of Companies.


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