Tired of Selling someone else’s product? Have a better idea for an aftermarket program?

Let our processional staff develop a custom program just for you. All of our products, insured guarantee programs and administrative services are available under your own private label; or let us design an insured guarantee with complete administration for your product.

The following is just a sampling of the private label programs that we currently administer:

A. An import distributor is selling their own private window etch program using Nassau's LaserGuard system to etch over 100,000 vehicles a year.

B. A Midwest distributor is now selling a complete window etch program with insured guarantees under his own product name. Nassau Technologies is in the background quietly providing window etch material, insured guarantees and complete warranty and claims administration.

C. A distributor on the West Coast who has been selling alarms for many years turned to Nassau Technologies for PermaVin window etch and an insured product performance warranty that he could use for both PermaVin and his alarms. Our staff arranged for the insurance coverage, designed the multi-product guarantee form and is providing full administration for registrations and claims.

D. A national F&I service company depends on Nassau Technologies to support their private label window etch program. Nassau warehouses, drop ships and invoices window etch supplies, brochures and other support materials to over 300 of their dealers around the country. Nassau staff also provides a company rep/dealer support line to assist in new dealer startups, answer program questions and provide etch software support.

Basically, we’re flexible! We can provide products, services, insurance and administration in a variety of packages to enable you to have your own "Private Label Program."



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