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Our VIP program protects a vehicle's interior from the toughest stains and its exterior from the ravaging forces of nature.
VIP's special formula gives deep down protection at a microscopic level. Plus, this protection program is available for both new and used vehicles.

The VIP Interior Protection
Penetrates, seals and protects the vehicle's carpet, seats (fabric or leather) and the vinyl trim. The application of VIP Interior Protection increases overall durability and maintains that "like-new" appearance.

The VIP Exterior Protection
Creates a high luster barrier that protects against fading and seals in that beautiful showroom finish for years. It also eliminates the need for waxing.

Because of it's exceptionally strong consumer benefits, the VIP Protection Program will generate Additional Profits for your dealership. The program will also boost CSI by providing your customers with a handy Automotive Care Kit that is personalized with your dealership name and logo.

The VIP Protection works so well that it comes with the following consumer warranties backed by an "A" rated insurance company.

VIP Exterior Protection Warranty
A 5 year transferable warranty on the factory paint against damage from fading, chalking, and loss of gloss resulting from exposure to the elements. Acid rain, bird droppings and even tree sap are covered.

VIP Interior Protection Warranty
A 5 year transferable warranty against even the most stubborn stains that result from a variety of spills including coffee, sodas, oil and food products. Additionally, the leather and vinyl interiors treated with VIP are guaranteed against fading and discoloration.



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