Window Etching . . . Fingerprints for your car!

Etching vehicle identification numbers (VIN's) onto the vehicle's windows has proven to be one of the greatest theft deterrents of our time -- widely endorsed by Law Enforcement Agencies, the FBI, the National Insurance Crime Bureau, and by many Insurance Companies who even offer premium discounts for vehicles protected with window etching.

The Bottom Line: It's simple to install, and etched products pose real problems to thieves trying to resell products on the black market.  Put simply -- It's easier to steal someone else's vehicle that does not have etched glass!

Don't just take our word for it...

Kentucky State Police etched VIN's into the glass of some 125,000 vehicles.  During the three-year study, only THREE of the vehicles were stolen -- and two of them were recovered the same day, undamaged!  According to the statistics, the net loss should have been almost 800 vehicles!

"We (recommend) having the vehicle identification number etched on windows."
ABC "Day One," February 16, 1995

(Referring to window etching technology) "If your vehicle is stolen, it can easily be identified, assisting police in its recovery."

"Police say that one of the most cost effective security steps is having a number etched on each window."
Wall Street Journal

"(no thief) wants one of the (etched) pieces on his property because you can trace the numbers to a hot car, and that could lead to a shutdown of the operation and jail time."
State Farm Insurance

A study concluded that window etching "could reduce the chance of your car being stolen by 40%!"

A Travelers Insurance Company study of 7,600 etched cars showed a 64% drop in theft, and an increased recovery rate from 33% (for un-etched vehicles) to 85%.

Nassau Technologies offers the two most advanced, patented etching technologies available today:

These systems:

  • Permanently etch a VIN or code number into a vehicle's windows, it can not be removed by thieves
  • Provide anti-theft security
  • Aid in vehicle recovery
  • Often qualify owners for insurance discounts
  • Are easy to use; minimal training required


PermaVin (US Patent #4,985,115)
Ideally suited for dealership applications, the cost-effective PermaVin System permanently etches a VIN or code number into your vehicle's major windows via the use of a safe chemical etching process.  It is backed by a product guarantee up to $5,000 if a covered vehicle is stolen and not recovered.  (Some restrictions apply; not available in all areas).

PermaVin's easy-to-use software and implementation process make for easy onsite installation and use. PermaVin’s built-in algorithm verifies VIN accuracy and prevents costly etch errors.



LaserGuard (US Patent #5,298,717)
The patented LaserGuard System, the first and only automotive laser etching system in the market today, is simply the most advanced and fastest window etching system in the world.

Designed specifically for high-volume production lines and large fleet processors, the high-speed laser dramatically reduces labor time and costs.  A single operator can realistically etch all major windows in an auto in only 45 seconds!

The Carbon Dioxide Laser is the safest of all lasers, and minimizes most etching headaches:

• No stencils
• No chemicals
• No bulky storage of materials
• No sand cleanup from outdated and messy sandblasting methods

The result is an incredibly fast, accurate and crystal clear etching process.




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